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Huang, Hongyun Ph. D.

Division of Neurorestoratology, Yuquan Hospital, Tsinghua University Beijing 100049, China
Chairman & Chief Neurosurgeon
Department of Neurosurgery, Beijing Rehabilitation Center & Beijing Xishan Hospital Beijing 100144, China

Beijing Hongtianji Neuroscience Academy Beijing 100144, China
Website: www.nrrfr.com
Chairman & Adjunct Professor
Taishan Medical University Neuroscience Institute



   Scientific association & journal
President International Association of Neurorestoratology Website: www.ianr.org.cn
Member of editorial board 《Cell Transplantation》
Chief editor 《Frontiers in Neurorestoratology》
Associate editor  《American Journal of Neuroprotection and Neuroregeneration》
Member of editorial board 《Chinese Journal of Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery》

Beijing Postgraduate Medical School

  1. Neurosurgery      Ph. D.   (09-1988 / 08-1991)
  2. Neurosurgery      Master  (09-1986 / 08-1988)

Xinjiang Medical University

  1. Medicine         Bachelor  (03-1978 / 12-1982)

Work Experience

  1. Beijing Hongtianji Neuroscience Academy President [12-2006 / Present]
  2. Department of Neurosurgery, Beijing Rehabilitation Center & Beijing Xishan Hospital Chairman & Chief Neurosurgeon [10-2004 / Present]
  3. Neuroscience Institute of Taishan Medical University Adjunct Professor [09-2005 / Present]
  4. Second Department of Neurosurgery, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Affiliated Capital University of Medical Sciences Chairman & Professor [01-2003 / 8-2005]
  5. Second Department of Neurosurgery, Beijing Yanjing Hospital Chairman & Professor [05-2000 / 12-2002]
  6. W.M.Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience at The State University of New Jersey  Senior Visting Scholar [01-1999 / 05-2000]
  7. Department of Neurosurgery & Department of Biochemistry, New York University Medical Center, Visiting Research Professor & Post-Doctor [07-1997 / 04-2000]
  8. Department of Neurosurgery, Beijing Yanjing Hospital

Vice Chairman & Chief Neurosurgeon [07-1995 / 07-1997]
Vice-chief Neurosurgeon [09-1993 / 07-1995]
Attending Neurosurgeon [08-1991 / 07-1993]

  1. Department of Neurosurgery, First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University

Resident Neurosurgeon [09-1982 / 08-1986]

Specialties include Spinal Neurosurgery, Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery, Tumor Neurosurgery, Neurorestoratology.

Since 2001 he has been doing clinical study of OEC (Olfactory Ensheathing Cell) and other kind of cells transplantation for central nervous diseases, which include brain damage, stroke (cerebral infarction and hemorrhage), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or motor neuron disease (MND), cerebral palsy, Alzheimer's disease (AD), Parkinson's disease (PD), myelitis, multiple sclerosis (MS), Friedreich's ataxia, Olivopontocerebellar atrophy and so on. The preliminary results of the study by cell therapy for these diseases are encouraging. It demonstrated that patients with those diseases could achieve partial neurological functional recovery and improve their quality of life, even for patients with chronic complete spinal cord injury. Recent four years, OECs were combined with other kinds of cells to treat central nervous system diseases and patients showed more neurological functional restoration. Up to now he treated about 1500 patients from over 80 countries and regions in the world. Right now he is setting up the standard treatment of neurorestoreatology for nervous diseases, which includes cell therapy, neuromodulation or neurostimulation, gene or bioengineering therapy and medicine or neurotrophins and nerve growth factors.
Academic Activity

He has been invited to present lectures throughout the world at major academic institutions, including Harvard University, University of Miami, Wayne State University, University of California, New York University, Rutgers University, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong Chinese University, University of Bologna and University College London. He has also been invited to give a talk in many international neurological conferences, including the 4th Asia Neurosurgery Conference in Hong Kong, the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons in the USA, XIII World Congress of Neurological Surgery at Marrakech, the American Neurological Surgeons Annual Meeting, the 1st International  Campaign for Cures of Spinal Cord Injury Paralysis Clinical Trials Workshop in Canada, the 42nd ISCOS Annual Scientific Meeting in Beijing, the 43rd ISCOS Annual Scientific Meeting in Greece, the 4th Asia Pacific Symposium on Neural Regeneration in Japan, Injuries and Dysfunction of the Spinal Cord in Children in US, 2006 Annual Assembly of American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the 5th PAN ARAB Spine Conference in Tunisia, the 10th International Spine Congress in Egypt, 2008 World Federation of Neurorehabilitation East Asia Regional Meeting, 13th ASEAN Congress of Neurological Surgeons at Kuala Lumpur, the 7th International Symposium on Experimental Spinal Cord Repair and regeneration in Italy, the XIV World Congress of Neurological Surgery at Boston of USA in 2009, International Association of Neurorestoratology Annual Conference at Beijing in 2008 and 2009 etc.


Cell therapy has received worldwide attention. The results have been reported internationally by many important Journals, such as: Lancet, Nature and Science and by major corporations such as the BBC, CBS, CBC, DW, NBC, Fox , Time, Reuters, USA Today, Agency France Press,Los Angeles Times, Detroit Free Press, Paraplegia News, Knight Rider Newspapers, The Guardian, Times, La Repubblica, et al.

He put forward a new discipline __ “Neurorestoratology” and some new conception “Neurorestoratological unit”, “Department of Neurorestoratology. He published about 100 scientific papers and edited two books <OEC Transplantation> and <CNS Neurorestoratology >. He collaborated with Prof. Raisman, Prof. Young, Dr. El Masri and some other scientists and doctors to set up International Association of Neurorestoratology (IANR) at 2007 and succeeded to hold the first and the second annual conference in 2008 and 2009. Recently journal of Cell Transplantation collaborated with IANR to be as its official journal. He is editor in-chief of “Frontiers in Neurorestoratology”.