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Welcome to Gosyen Medika

Gosyen Medika  is a  private  institution  for  regenerative  medicine, our  office   located  in  Jakarta, Indonesia.

We offer patients  with  degenerative diseases specially  for  neuro degenerative,   the opportunity  to undergo  an  innovative  and  promising  stem  cell treatment.

The mission of Gosyen  Medika is aim to develop safe, efficient and promising treatments for central nervous system diseases suffers, Your great support and concern helps us to make a huge impact in numerous disabled people face the greatest limitation.

Since  2010,Gosyen  Medika  make  collaboration  with  Beijing Hongtianji Neuroscience Academy (BHNA).

Our collaboration focuses on neuro regeneration, repair of central nervous system (CNS) damage and functional recovery, with particular emphasis on developing safe, efficient and promising therapeutic strategies for chronic spinal cord injury, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (motor neuron disease), Alzheimer's disease, cerebral palsy, sequelae of stroke, Parkinson's disease, persistent vegetative state and other human neurodegenerative diseases.

Gosyen  Medika work wouldn't be possible without the help and trust of people like you.


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